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accepting my fate...im a sad pathetic loser with nor firends,no girlfriend and no intelligence. cant study in the library because everyone i who walks in the door i fall in love with. going to fail exams. dont know why such a loser but just am.

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  • it's not love if you fall into it every time someone walks through the door

  • Life is a series of self fulfilling prophecies. If you enter a situation with the outlook of "I'm going to fail. I'm a loser" then that is what is going to happen. Every self help book and guru since the Roman Empire has stressed the need to change your way of thinking about yourself to positive (" I will achieve. I am good") as the first important part of success. After that it's a case of deciding "what would a successful person do?" (Or WWJD was a popular thing for Christians looking to be more Christiany). then lifestyle decisions become a series of easy baby steps that become second nature; would a successful person wake up early to shower and shave or hit the snooze button? Would a successful person eat healthy cereal for breakfast or three greasy sausage burritos? Would a successful person confidently introduce himself to a girl or say "why bother" and watch internet porn?

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