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My bf gets really abusive when he drinks..i asked him we should take a break..its been 3 days since i have stop talking to him. I cant do it anymore I miss him.. Besides i have anorexia bulimia. He is the only one who listens and supports me😭 i miss him so much, but i cant take the abuse anymore

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  • Honey, don't ask for a break. Demand one. Don't keep putting yourself back into an abusive relationship. Family and friends will be there to listen and support you. If he knows your struggle, and chooses to abuse you he doesn't love you. And if you know your struggle and choose to keep going back, you don't love yourself either.

  • love your self first before you take someone elses shit. srsly. if being in a relationship makes you stay because hes the only one who stays with you because of your eating disorder. Then please seek friend and family support. :)

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