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I won't date white guys and I haven't had sense my first and only time which was three years ago...and here's why. Three years ago I was with my ex who was white. It was spring break. Things go heated and he said he didn't have protection. So I suggested we buy some the next day. Well he made me buy them. That night things got heated(it was my first time remember this) but instead of foreplay and undressing me he made me undress myself. I was also dry. So he went in and he wouldn't let me touch him and he looked at the ceiling. It was so painful I could not tell him to stop. When he was finished he put his pants on and rolled over his back to me. I cried all night. The next morning I fainted in the shower. He was also abusive. He'd hit me and call me a bit** and not in a joke way. It's been three years and I haven't been able to trust anyone to be intimate again sense then, and my relationships have been crap.

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  • this is something very tragic and should be discussed with a professional or someone you trust

  • clearly you are right,a black guy tried to rob me once,i now want all black people in jail. i'm with u against white guys too,if he did that to you,than all of them will do the same.

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