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my sister in law is a vegan. and she preaches how everyone should eat and act etc. she even tells her mom she is a horrible Christian because she isn't a vegan. this same person that will screw any guy that gives her the time if day. who has used drugs and drank all of her teens and adult life wants to preach to people how unhealthy they are because they don't eat like she does. ugh

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  • life would be so much better if people would mind their own shit.. you and your sister.

  • I feel you. So much. My sister used to be like this. Then, because of malnourishment, her hair fell out and she got skin rashes. Not so vegan anymore, and quite a bit more humble after I got to say "I told you so" - she didn't want to listen when I warned her. I'm a doctor and also have PHDs in genetics and human biology, while she just barely managed to graduate high school.

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