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I have a very dear friend abroad. We see each other once a month if we're lucky, for a day or two if we can. I love her to bits. I'm not single, she is, I'm generally okay with this. I encourage her love life and genuinely hope she finds someone decent. But today is the final day that we saw each other in a while, and she was distant and a bit grumpy, texting this guy she is in love with all day, and it was like she couldn't give a shit about me. We said goodbye and it was like she didn't care. While I'm feeling my heart sink at the thought of not seeing her for months. I feel childish and petty, but I am jealous and disappointed and angry. I want her to care about me like I care about her. I have the feeling I give everything and she only returns when she needs me. Anyway. I feel I can't tell her this because I don't want to appear needy. I also don't want to confront her to realize that it's really that she doesn't really care because I'm not sure I can handle that right now. So I just stay quiet until the pain passes. And maybe I'll tell random people on the Internet.

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  • Do you also considered the Woman you left behind? Your wife? Girlfriend?

  • I feel your pain: it sounds like you're in love with her.

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