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let's have a debate! pro-life or pro-choice? why?

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  • Ten approve, fice judge, and yet there are currently 39 comments. Personally, I'm pro-life.

  • I want to make this comment because I've seen the video floating on the internet. There is a man who supposedly destroys the argument for abortion in a short video. He compares a baby fetus to an American bald eagle egg and says that one of the clumps of cells is protected, but the other is not . The issue I have with this is that the American bald eagle is a near extinct species. Bald eagles have been hunted to very low levels, therefore we have laws to make sure nobody poaches them. However, human beings are still overwhelmingly fine. In no place or human beings being killed by other species, and being driven to extinction. We are easily the most over populated species on the planet, and yeah we don't regulate our selves. Why do we regulate the population of deer, killing some off when we know that there are too many in the woods, but we freaked out when somebody wants to get rid of an unwanted fetus or a convicted murderer? I don't understand people who have this argument. The man who made the video ended it by supposedly cracking an eagle egg into a frying pan and cooking it up. How can a man, who is pro life, kill a member of an endangered species with no remorse, in an attempt to promote the argument that we should not kill precious life? What a fucking joke. The sad part is, half of the people who don't actually look up their facts use him as their argument, without realizing there is a huge hole in his argument. The reason why the bald eagle is protected, while the human is not, is because one is an endangered species that WE have driven to extinction, while the other is an overpopulated species that is becoming increasingly "wrong" to kill. We have vaccines and medicine to take care of our health issues, we have lobbyist groups fighting to not kill convicted murderers, we have people arguing that abortion is a sin and wrong on every level, allowing more and more people to be in this world. When will we draw a line? I've even heard some people argue that the best option is to start sending people to colonies on the moon and Mars. We don't need any more people on this planet, and the people who fight to keep EVERY PERSON alive piss me the fuck off. The end.

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