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I hate my mother because she stole my identity. she put my name in her taxes so her student loans would not be taken out. I even had to cash her taxes check and didn't see a cent of it .She lived with me for 3 months and ruined my credit by forcing me to put my name in the internet and phone bill. She's been putting my name in bills sense she new my SS#. She would make me sell my blood plasma and then steal my money for booze and cigs. She told a random chick my apartment was hers and i was just visiting and she wanted to get laid so she forced me to stay in my room. She didn't tell me she was a lesbian till I was 18 and on my 18 birthday she went to a bar and brought home a guy. WHO THOUGHT HE WAS GETTING LAID! My grandmother also told she was going to abort me but decided not to once she saw me on the monitor thing at the doctor. After I turned 17 my mother became dead to me. The mother I loved as a kid died. Also my grandma raised me from the time I was born till I was 9. because my mom went to college away from town. When she came back on weekends instead of spending time with me she'd go out and party.

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  • she committed a federal crime with the Taxes bit. call the IRS and have her audited. You may even qualify for credit rebuilding.

  • your mom sucks, she is a shame for the society, forget about her and live your pwn life, if you thing she did something out of legal, you can always go to the police or sue her.

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