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I've started dating a new guy. It's going to be long distance because he lives five hours away. But I want to give it a try. It also is an interracial relationship, a first for both of us. He's already told me he wants to meet me in person, but that was before he realized I'm so far away. I told him I do want to see him, after we've been dating longer and know each other better. I would drive that far to see him, after I trust that it will all be okay. I'll need to at least spend a night there. I need to trust I'll be safe. I need to trust that I likely won't be driving 10 hours for nothing. Or he can come here. He'll have to trust the same thing. We'll have to work out our schedules. And if I'd visit him, I'd want to meet his family. And if he visited me, my family would insist on meeting him. The interracial thing wouldn't be a problem for my family. My sister's ex husband was black and everyone liked him. Even our racist grandfather got over it. He'd be the only one I'm worried about. But I really like this guy. I want to know everything about him. I want to talk to him more, which is really new for me. I miss him. It's only been six hours since I talked to him and I've been missing him the whole time. But I don't want to come on too strong too fast. I've only had one relationship so I'm still a newbie at this. I haven't flirted or started a relationship in four and a half years. But I really want to try.

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  • Best of luck! My marriage started as a long distance relationship, so it is possible! It's just not easy. Make sure you get to know him, and that he's as invested as you are before you uproot your life in any way.

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