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My darkest secret is that I don't like living. I see no point to life. I'm not going to kill my self, I'm not suicidal or anything, I just see not true point to life never have never will.

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  • My point in life is to become a hero of justice. No matter how many people laugh at me or tell me I'm useless I move forward with my head held high in hopes that one day I may be able to help someone. Some times I get thoughts like these and that's when I take a walk, go outside, and watch the news. They show me that the world moves on with or without us and that we must fight to find a place in this cycle so fight, fight with all your heart to find your purpose and live everyday achieving your dreams or helping someone. If you have a family member then call them or meet them, strive to protect them because in the end they're all you have in this cruel world. Sorry for the long rant I guess in helping you I helped myself get these words out.

  • give the ocean a wurl you may even catch a fish

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