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I didn't know my father growing up. my mother wouldn't tell me anything. So right after I turned 21 in 2011 I was talking to a friend about never gotten to celebrate fathers day. She told me to look up his job and try to find him. so I went to the library and emailed his job and said I'm looking for ****** I'm his daughter have email me. The next day I get a email subjected "your father" we emailed back and forth and later I got to talk to him on the phone. We met weeks later for Chinese and I got to spend fathers day with him. I met cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents. He got me a new phone and said "because I never wanna lose contact with you again. I got text every morning saying "morning daughter" well...then he started not talking to me. and 6 months later he, his wife, and my step sister denied my existence. I lost the father I never had...I felt abandoned. Cheated. Lied to and used. I wish I could lend my broken heart.

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  • Oh my. This is heartbreaking. Only thing worse than to never have something is to have it ripped away from you. I hope you will tell that "father" of yours to suck it and stay away for good.

  • Cinderella?

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