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I had a miscarriage before my current pregnancy and i never told anyone how much it hurt, i cried for 3 days and i only could have been 1-2 months but i took a pregnancy test (well 3) and 2 days later i started bleeding and had very deep cramps like i felt them in my back and in my legs the only person who knows about my miscarriage is the father and he was my rock through it all.... Im 6 months now but i still am surprised how attached i was basicly instantly.... But its made me afraid to really enjoy being pregnant cuz im afaid my baby will die, even though i feel him move all the time and i know the doctors say he is ok.... Just needed to vent a bit.. Thanks for reading 📖

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  • Thanks for the words everyone im just glad that you all read and maybe i hope someone out there wont feel alone or crazy for having feelings like this in thos situation

  • My wife and I had a miscarriage before our two kids. It was pretty hurtful. I still think of her. (I'm assuming it was a her) Doctor says it was merely ectopic, but we cried, and blamed each other, and I still think about it. People don't talk about this stuff.

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