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I have 9 cats and I have a pretty good idea that this is what hell feels like. Because at first I had 3, and 3 wasn't so bad until I got 6 more..and I have no idea how that even happened. I can't even eat without them all surrounding me and think twice if you're gonna give one a piece because you may as well just give them your whole plate cause you have 9 damn cats. I just found my kitten eating raw hamburger on the floor which he managed to pull off the counter somehow. Not to mention they piss me off and I don't realize that the windows open so my neighbors probably think I'm bipolar or abusing my husband. Lol, yeah, I've lost it.

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  • Make sure you spay/neuter those cats, and then give then to an animal shelter/rescue group/private adopter. Don't just give them away, though.

  • If you can't handle them all, then get rid of some of them.

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