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I hate sports. I only hate them because every time I play one I end up getting hit in the face. I mean every time too. I remember playing soccer in middle school and got hit square in the face, they sent me home because I had a huge red mark. I remember baseball, and that scares me to death. I remember trying out for volleyball, I hit it up into the air and somehow it came back and smacked me back. I even remember frizbee and that left little marks all over my face. I guess sports just aren't my thing.

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  • Story of my life - really, you could be me! This is so weird ... I'm exactly the same. Only I had a girl in my class who was on the national soccer team. She hit me in the face accidentally and I ended up fainting because of it. For me, sports that I can do on my own proved to be awesome. Swimming and climbing, or rowing are great. Maybe you should try it, too. Especially swimming is pretty safe for me - surrounded by water, and the only hard things are the walls of the swimming pool. Of course I managed to scrape my knees a few times anyway, but that's the same when I'm walking around on dry land, so no harm done.

  • Bowling, billiards, swimming, running, hurdles, hammer toss, golf, archery, cross country skiing. Lots of sports don't involve things flying at your head

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