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I could have an athletic and at the same time curvy body if I just had the self control to eat less and exercise frequently. I can almost see it when I look into the mirror, and it wouldnt even take that long, but how do I get there?

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  • I stopped eating chocolate for a month. Then I lost the cravings for it. A year later I never buy chocolate. I don't deny myself chocolate. I eat it if I am offered by someone or I am at a party or something, I just never buy it. Eating a little when being offered will not make the craving come back, and also you will not feel the need to eat more than a few pieces. I believe this method can be applied to anything, so if you stop eating unhealthy food on a regular bais like this then also you appetite in general will be more controlled. You will not feel the need to eat a lot. As for exercise, just go for a walk everyday if you find it hard to start. You don't need to have a hardcore workout. Just walk for maybe an hour with a friend or listen to some music and don't think of it as exersice but rather getting some fresh air. Hope this helps :)

  • you said it, eating less and doing more exercise.... cocaine also helps, it kills the desire to eat.

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