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my boyfriend of 6 years asked me to marry him the same night I was going to break up with him I got caught up in the moment of being asked I said yes the truth is I still think I want to break up I think he is cheating cause his brother said so and I know I am cheating with his boss I don't know if I should stop the wedding or stop cheating

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  • Ask him if he is cheating. If he admits that he is, then admit to him that you are having sex too. By then, you shoukd be able to decide as a coule what to do depending on the situation. ~Anonymous ♡

  • take it from one who knows, even if with cheating aside, if you're not positive you want to marry him, don't do it. getting caught up in the moment and saying yes is understandable, but don't go forward with something you're not sure about. it's not worth it.

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