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I had a couple of boyfriends when I was a teenager, then I decided not to date anyone for 2 years. It's almost been 5 years now since I've had a bf. I've gotten so used to the single life. Then in august I met someone that I had an instant connection/chemistry with, and it was nothing like anything I'd ever felt before, but I don't think the feelings are mutual because he never asked me out. It sucks cause I've met many guys, but he made me feel something so special.. How many people in the world could make me feel this way? I don't think it's many, so it will be hard to find again.

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  • Ask him out. Don't let time pass, he might think you don't want him and move on. Just do it. Nothing to lose.

  • So because he never asked you out that means the feeling isn't mutual? Don't you think he is thinking the exact same thing? That if you didn't ask him out now he's all like "She doesn't really like me, because she didn't ask me out ". If you like someone just tell them or ask them if the feeling is mutual, you'll regret it if you don't!

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