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I always fear losing my grandparent's.. tho i dont visit them more often. I always think i need to tell them how much i appreciate them in my life, yet i dont.. I really just want to visit them everyday & letting them know.. I dont know why i dont ..

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  • I used to be with my grandmother most of my time. Then she got sick and moved to another city a few hours away for her treatments. I would visit when i could , i was very young. Then, one day i got a call at school that she was not well at all. By the time we got there she had already died. Never got to tell her goodbye or that i loved her . It's been more than 10 years and it still hurts when i think about it . Please don't do the same mistake especially if its so easy for you to go see them.

  • Do it, tell them! Or you'll regret later. I had the same feeling that I won't be able to tell them how much I appreciate them even though I always felt the need to do it. So I once drunk texted my grandma how much I loved them and asked her to tell my grandpa too. She answered me very sweet and I'm glad I got it of my chest. Obviously she didn't realize I had been drinking.

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