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A dude showed me this,idk,a ''trick'' i guess,he did to get phone numbers of girls,he simply would go up to the,show his phone and say ''Hey can you put your number here for me?'' and the girls go like ''why?'' ''Cuz i think you're cute and i wanna talk,but i'm late for a thing right now''. and it worked with 10 super cute girls and they were all smiling while typing the number,never saw the dude,so idk if the girls really gave him their real number or just a fake one. i'm thinking of doing the same with this girl i see at school,she's so cute.

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  • That will not work there. It's a different setting. The guy you mentioned was in a one shot interaction with those women. You can have potentially multiple interactions with that girl because you see her everyday at school. Just find an opportunity to meet her (sit next to her, meet her outside school, no stalking!) and introduce yourself: e.g. outside of school "Hi I don't believe we've met before, I am [x], you go to [school] as well right"?. Just keep it friendly and low key and then build it up by asking for coffee and see if you two hit it off. If you do, then just ask whether she'd like to go on a date with you and give her your phone number. Say something funny with a wink (e.g. just promise me that you will not call me all the time ok?). Just have a bit of fun.

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