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she chose her ex over me. He was her first, and she did not want that to be in vain. She still talks to me, we still have the same discussions, but with an added topic, the subject of their recent fight. Does she not know that every time she brings up his name, i feel the dagger go in deeper? I have told her that i do not want to talk about him, but she doesn't trust anyone else well enough, so i deal with my pain to mask hers. I know that what I'm doing makes me seem weak, but feelings like this don't die easily, I need her to hurt me even more so i can get rid of my love for her, and its working. Soon i will no longer love her, i will no longer have to suffer when I'm away from her, because my love for her has started to become hate.

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  • don't let her treat you like that. if you told her that you don't wanna talk about it then ignore her every time she brings it up!

  • Hate will only make it hard to move on. Get some distance, and in the measure you've chosen to forgive her, you'll feel the Wright of the whole past lifted also.

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