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I'm thirty something, love reading, but I have never read the Bible, I get boring quickly every time I have tried.

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  • You should. It's great

  • it's really not a book with a narrative, it is several books.Genesis is a combination of several oral traditions, family genealogies, different Abrahimic biographies. The gospels are even more difficult. Mark is ONE gospel, but Mathew has most of Mark, some of Luke(Possibly the Q gospel) , some original stories from another source (M? Gospel of the Nazarenes?) Some eyewitness testimony all jammed into one. It even begins with a genealogy translated from another language. It's NOT meant to be read like a novel. It's more like a library or royal records, histories, and testimonies as well as commentary. You can't just read Deuteronomy, it would be like browsing through law books.

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