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Update: I'm the girl who has posted months ago but my post was about how I am choosing to stay single juat for one guy. I know it sounds dumb but I had a lot of good support from people on here and I would like to thank you all who understand why I am doing this and does not see it as stupid or waste-of-time. For anyone who needs a quick refresh, I'm still in love with a guy I dated back in high school. we have been apart for years and recently have started talking again but I honestly do not want anyone but him, he is it for me. This is my choice, whether he wants a second chance or not. I am staying single because I just want him. If we do not get a second chance then that just means i'll be single for the rest of my life. I mean what I say and I am not going back on my word to him and to myself. To update, yes I am still single. I have had guys hit on me and i'm truthfully sick of it. I know they mean well but I really do not want any of them. I do not dress to provoke it, I do not flirt with anyone to try to get attention. I'm okay to be alone. I'm okay with staying single just on a hope I get a second chance. It is my life, this is my choice. I'm honest and not going to lead any other guy on that I truly have no interest in. I only love one man. I hope guys see this and understand that there still are real honest women out there. I hope other girls will learn that when you say something to truly mean it, I see it all the time when a girl gets out of a relationship- they'll post online how they'll always love this one person and will never find anyone better and would rather be single then fall in love with anyone else... But then next day they are dating someone. You are not staying true to your word than. I have kept my words true, I said I do not want anyone else and that is what I am doing. I cannot make him fall in love with me, what ever he choses to do I will accept it because I just want him to be happy again. He is too great of a man to be unhappy. So there's my update and will try to keep it going, all the talk I post about staying single for my high school ex, still true! I truly do not want anyone else.

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  • I think we're in a same situation but in different circumstances. I understand how you really love that guy but I hope that when someone made you feel something greater, you would not let that just pass by.

  • I think i know you... Are you from VA?

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