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my wife came home the other day and sat me down saying we have not been having sex lately and demanded me to have sex with her if not she would assume I was cheating. she came in to the toilet cuff me and the pull me to the room, its just I did not really want to have sex at that point so I feel a little like I got rape, what should I do now she s been doing it ever since and I can't say any thing if not she would get up sad.

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  • Honestly, I don't know how you should approach this. I would take advantage of a lowered sex drive to last longer in dominant/hard positions. This is your wife and she's in need of attention. She suspected you of cheating on her without talking to you, so I suspect she's a little crazy. Best thing to do is keep her crazy side at bay, unless it's hurting you to fuck her.

  • if she forces you to have sex with her it is rape. tell her that you don't want it and that she should stop.

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