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A really nice guy whom i work with sent me a text message about if i was working this weekend, so he could cover the shift i wasnt doing. He gets wound up by others laziness as he always does the best he can and always covers my butt when i need it. I dont have any friends and no one ever calls my mobile or texts me except telemarketing people so i almost never check my phone. I got the text on the thursday but only checked my phone today which meant it was too late to get back to him in time for this weekend. I told him i was really busy and totally forgot. Im sure he pissed as hell at me but i couldnt tell him the truth-i didnt see the message as im a loser with no friends. It really sucks because he is such a nice caring guy towards me and now i think he wont like me anymore :(

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  • chances are that he knows how u are. .. and he is ok with it.. it seems to me that he might wven like you..

  • Tell him the truth.

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