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I wanted to go back to my country to go to college over there about 2 years ago. My mom then bribed me with a car. She said as soon as I graduated i'd get a car if I didn't move back to my country. So I didn't. I'm not a senior in high school, already made my decision about college but now, my mom is not doing her part of the deal and she's not buying me the car anymore. She said money is the problem. But I doubt so highly. She has money to spend on other stupid irrelevant shit and people but can't get me what she promised? If she knew she was going to break a promise she shouldn't have done it to begin with. I'm so aggravated. I understand her but I'm mad she manipulated the situation for me to stay.

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  • just look on the positive side maybe something good will come when u start studying there

  • so.... go to that other country then?

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