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I don't know if my boyfriend is circumcised or not yet. But I'm kind of hoping he's not. I've heard uncut penises are more sensitive and give both partners better sex. Circumcision also weirds me out. Why do we think cutting off part of a baby's penis is normal?

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  • I've had both circumcised and uncircumcised. Circumcised definitely feels a lot better. When giving blowjobs, I definitely liked the circumcised ones better. They feel better in your mouth, where as an uncircumcised one feels like you have some loose skin in your mouth every once in awhile.

  • god F-ing hell, I'm not circumsied, but girls being scared of unwashed dicks and smegma means the same! I keep my thing clean, that's all it takes. Whether you're circumsised or not has nothing to do with if you wash it or not. Mine is always clean, no doubt.

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