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They should have taught us how to cope with racism in school. So much of my confidence has been destroyed by people bieng racist towards me. The thing is i can feel a darkness of so called reverse racism gorwing inside of me. I really dont want to feel like this. I was bullied and racially abused and i dont ever want to treat others like that but whenever i experience it i really want them to choke to death and i just watch them slowly die. If they had taught us coping mechanisms at school then i would be in a much better place mentally. Ive posted about this before but im going to say it again, DONT come to central/eastern europe (im live in prague whilst im a student) if you are NOT white.

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  • You need to calm down, OP. Every day, you will run into new things people do that drive you crazy. However, we can't just have a class on "acceptance" because calling people racist makes YOU racist as well. If you assume something is happening to a person because of their race, without any indication that it IS due to their race, you are being racist. For example, if a white cop shoots a black guy and your automatic assumption is racism, you are being racist. You're assuming the white guy was racist because the victim was black, which makes you just as "racist" in observing the race. Most of the time, race is never even involved. However, I will agree that racism is the cause of many incidents in central/eastern Europe.

  • I dont know if this is going to help you in any way but I want to address two things. Firstly: I'm white and I live in central europe and I feel disgusted when I see people being racist towards others. I'm experiencing racism myself as I moved to a different country within Europe albeit being white (just because I don't speak the native language yet). It's far from your experience I guess but I know what it feels like or must feel like. Firstly: It might sound weird but it's hard for me to act "normally" when I see a person who's coloured. This might sound awkward. If I see a black person I want to act as normally as possible towards him / her to make him feel comfortable but sometimes this results in me looking in a weird way (sorry, dunno how to describe it xD). I'm trying to improve that. So if you see someone on the streets who looks at you in a weird way, it might be the case that he tries to act as normal as possible but failed doing so. Sounds awkward, I know, but it's true. Secondly, always remember that while there's many racist assholes out there, there's also us nice and friendly people who are not racist. I had to realize the same thing here in the country where I live now. Took me almost 3 years to do that but now I realize that I simply don't give a shit about people being racist towards me but care about those who are friendly. It helped me a lot.

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