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my sisters friend has apparently fancied me 4 years well its obvious she did, she used 2 give my sister messagaes 4 me either by mouth or letters, she new dat my sis went 2 dancing @ the times she called on her bt I moved in2 my own place wen I woz 19 n I still seen her a couple ov times n she ended up wit my numba sneakily although I certainly never minded bt I jus always kept quite bout likin her bk. we arranged 2 meet in town wich lukd weird so we jus went sumwere quite n by 7 o clok my sis had told our mam dat she wasn't sleepin ova nw bt she didn't tell her own parents so my sista gt the bus bk home n we walked dwn 2 mine n sneaked through the window n I went 2 by sum drink bt we didn't hav much as we jus watched a dvd n niki jus made herself comfortable. I knew all nite dat I was xpectin 4 us 2 have sex bt wen we climbed into bed n were in the dark I had 2 make sure she woz alrite wit stopping @ mine n stuf bt as sn as I turned the lite off n lied nxt 2 her n lukd in her dark eyes she came over 2 me n we jus kissed straight away n unbuttoned her jeans n wot not n ended up jus in her cute tshirt n socks 2. the most amazin thing ive ever felt woz how tight she was! it wud nt go in! it wud slip in a tiny bit mr everytym I pushed hard bt was bendin mr dan it woz goin anywer n she kept sayin she wanted 2 bt kept pullin bak in pain. she sed she was my sistas age bt I no she was a bit younger anyway n she sed she did it b4 2 bt I fink she was tryin 2 act tough lik she always did so I jus sed we dnt have 2 n made it luk lyk my fault n made her feel better. we met a gud few tyms over bowt 8 months n mst the tym she never slept @ mine mostly coz it was hard 2 do bt I always spent a lil alone tym sumwere sumhow! the 1st 5 tyms we did owt was the same bt the 6th was totally difrent after 2 mins she sed it didn't hurt n so after that I gave her every inch ov me I cud giv her lol I defo wudnt tell ppl properly evn though ive dun similar things lyk her they haven't been as secret n bad as us 2! I was positive she wud tell her frends bt I wudv carried on if nt :)

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  • I tried to read it, but your grammar is terrible, if you want to write something thins long, at least make sure it's correct

  • R.I.P. english :/

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