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Didn't think this has to be said, but I have heard way to many people doing this, and i'm talking about teenagers and adults. Stop saying you're going to walk out or divorce your partner unless you really are doing it! Saying it during every fight you have is stupid and you're just scaring the other person, basically you are telling them to say sorry or you're gone, just to end the fight. Yes the threat of leaving will work because they do not want you to leave, but you do not have to mention it to them... Everton is scared their partner may leavr but you dont have to use it as a threat. If you are that done with the relationship then leave because then it will not matter what the other person does or says, your mind is already made up. But to say it, and never leaving, you're controlling the other person in a bad way. Just please stop saying it. It's childish and petty.

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  • Agreed. Once it gets to the point where you're not afraid to tell them you're leaving, the relationship is pretty much over.

  • Shut up people can say what they want so get a life!!!!

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