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My bf and I are already 3 years in a relationship, recently I got the urged to view his ex, she was sexy, unlike me who's chubby, I felt insecure... I know it is my fault, but I was curious who his ex was, and I remember one time, I was asking him the name of his ex, and he told me "don't, you might get insecure by her", I just realized that... It was awful! It's like he's saying that, she's way more than you. Now I remembered it, I really feel sad. He is right... I should not have look at it.. It's not the face.. But the body really. :(

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  • I am a curvy woman as well and everyday my boyfriend tells me how sexy and hot and beautiful I am and that there is no one else that can compare so I agree with the other comments he loves you and only you be proud of who you are and every curve on your body because there can never be anyone who can compare to your own beauty

  • Thank you very very much! You really did help me, and you answered the questions in my mind! Thank you! I will try to be more mature. I really appreciate the effort of commenting. Thanks again!

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