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People say that when you choose to forgive, it does not mean that the one who offended you gets a free pass for all the wrong that they have done to you. But is that really true? Why does it feel that if I forgive someone for all the bad things they did that they will get away with what they have done?

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  • You can forgive someone and still decide to leave forgivness and trust dont always go hand in hand but forgiveness really isnt about them its about you and you coming to terms with your feelings on the matter and letting it go.... Forgiveness also doesnt mean you forget

  • I was in a similar situation as you were. I forgave and in fact I got betrayed again, just a few weeks later. I obviously dumped her then. However, I still give you the advice to forgive once, as long as he / she is supporting you with that decision and does show that he / she understood what he / she did wrong and won't do it again (and apologizes). It takes some time, probably a lot of time, to actually get over it and forgive her. Give it time.

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