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LONG confession. I have a friend, who's a girl. She's been with this dude for "11 months," longest she's ever been with one guy, but he's a straight up asshole. He uses her hard earned money for drugs, he was kicked out of his bitchy moms apartment, he gets fired from every job he gets, and every time I see him, I want to shove my gf's high heel up his ass. I've never met a bigger douche. I want to protect and support my friend though. How can I encourage her, but also put in my opinion? I mean, this gut I'd border line abusive, With his words and physically, and I just want what's best for her.

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  • Being that he was kicked out of his mother's and can't keep a job is it safe to say they live together? It may be hard for her to get away even if she wanted to. Does your girlfriend think the same way ? I would recomend getting a group of people who love her to just sit down and talk about your fears for where her future is going. You may have to give her a safe place to lay low and clear her head for her to see clearly. While she may go and stay with him; she would now know how eveyone feels and may think about it.

  • Tell her that you care about her and you can see this guy is no good. He doesn't treat her as well as anyone deserves. She doesn't need that douche.

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