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My boyfriend is better to me and a better guy in general than my ex could've ever hoped to be. He's fifty times better in every way. He appreciates the little things I do, even things so little I didn't even think they deserve recognition. He thinks I'm beautiful. Even when my legs, hooha, armpits, and asshole were all desperately needing hair removal, he didn't mention it and didn't stop making love to me for the first time. He went slowly and tried to be gentle when his dick stretched me and hit the top. He asked if I was enjoying myself. He waited until I said "I want you" before getting on top of me. He held me the whole night. I moved out of his arms to get comfortable, but he rolled over to spoon me when he woke up. Fifteen minutes after he left to go home, he texted me saying he wanted to come back but couldn't. He loves me for my personality. He's never even seen me with makeup on but thinks I'm beautiful. He doesn't know anything about my family but asked how they are. He's humble. My life is far from perfect, but he's only supportive. I know he has flaws. I don't know what those flaws are yet. But he's pretty perfect so far. I hope my entire family can meet him soon. I hope I can meet his family soon too.

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  • I'm so glad you found someone like that. I hope that someday, I will too. I'm so happy for you. I wish you all the best, and that you stay together and make each other happy for a long, long time.

  • dont try to find his flaws, recognise his good side and love him for the nice parts, dont hate him for the bad

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