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So i'm in college and i have this smoking hot female roommate who i have a huge chrush on (I'm a guy) and she loves going out clubbing and drinking, and i'm that guy who really dislikes everything that has anything with alcohol to do. One Saturday i'm taking a shower, and she comes stumbling home, drunk as a skunk but twice as smelly, she walks into the bathroom, while i'm still showering with the bathroom door unlocked because i didn't expect her to come home this early, she stripps down, fully naked and steps into the shower and starts kissing my neck from behind, grabbing my bum and other "foreplay" related stuff (NO SEX THOUGH). Then before stuffs start becoming serious, she passes out in the shower, so i turn it off, put a dry towel over her (It's one of those towels that is as big as a blanket) and goes to bed. The next morning she wakes up, not remembering a thing, she then notices i have lipstick on my neck (From when she kissed me) and asks if i had a girl over. Three months later she still doesn't know.

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  • well, the true that this only happened in your repressed imagination, say the true, she got home and throw up on you while you were sleeping.

  • you should have discussed it with her when she woke up.

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