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I seem like a happy person and act like i'm happy but i feel alone. I feel alone even though there's people around me every day. I always joke around and try to make people laugh because i don't want them to feel like i do. I feel like nobody understands me and like i'm not going to be happy any time soon. What i want is to find a girl i love and start a family with her but i feel like i'm just not good enough to have that and it's almost turning into a depression because i'm bringing myself down. I can't talk to anyone about this because i feel like i would be bothering them with my problems and i don't want to do that. I'm just sad inside and i needed a place to share this.

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  • I feel the same way! I thought I was the only one. Thank you for sharing

  • I wish I could hug you across the internet... Do not isolate yourself by hiding behind a mask all the time. You do not have to pretend to be worthy of love. I hope you find the strength to open up to people, and that you meet someone wise enough to realise just how much you have to offer. Good luck OP.

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