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I been in love with my childhood best friend sense I was 9 years old. When we were little we used to sleep next to each other till we were at least 13 and we even took a bath in swim trunks playing legos. He told me when he was playing Zelda OOT that he was link and I was Ruto, who was the fish girl that Link was engaged to due to Ruto giving him a stone that her mother told her to give to the man she would marry. We would also sing Pictures by kid rock and cyrell crow me the girl part him the boy part. When we played legos I was always his gf or his wife. I watched him date so many horrible girls. one girl accepted his proposal and then was cheating on him the whole time and gave him the ring. He went into depression and started drinking and smoke. I lost my best friend. I never told him how I felt but somewhere in my heart I hopped he may of felt the same way. even if we can't be together I would love to know someone cherished me the same way I cherished them.

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  • It's Never to Late to go for the Thinges that make you happy! Tell him Even if you know You cant be together. You will feel Better and all those "what if..." Questions will leave your mind.

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