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I'm 15 and I am very sad to say I've been through my whole high school experience the first month of my 8th grade year. I am stupid and naive falling for someone, gettong tricked, getting lied to, getting cheated on, thinking I was to be in "love" (I realize how stupid that was now) , hanging on every last word he fed to me...we had a very "intimate" sneak out.. I almost was pregnant.. my parents found out, but I lied... now I'm 700 miles from that guy whom of which took advantage of me but I brought myself to terms that everyone deserves a second chance so we're just friends... I really want to get back to things were back then..

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  • I didn't mean for anything to happen just did I plan on being. doctor thank you very much

  • and this is why our society is full of scumbag little bitches, you go to school to study and trying to be someone better than the average not to fuck and suck dicks... poor parents.

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