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How to get a girlfriend? ? I'm 22 still haven't had sex nor kissed a girl. Day by Day my porn addiction is increasing. when i was 18-19 i hate watching porn. it was kinda weird (I hate to see girls pussy & guys Dick). i thought I'd never marry a girl ( I'm not even GAY). But now i watch porn and masturbate daily. literally I'm addicted to porn and masturbation. girls ass and pussy is not bothering me. i love to watch

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  • try online dating. you can be confident and only talk and only if you really like someone do you have to meet them. Some women in other cultures PREFER virgin men. Also you may find a virgin of your own. My First kiss was at 23 on other side of the world. It was worth it.

  • well you're not alone.... I'm about your age (younger by one, two years) had the same thoughts and going thru the same thing. its kidda hard to stop when you start tho

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