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I'm texting this boy on a daily basis for about a week now and he told me he's in an open relationship with his gf and I find that stupid, what's the point of it? anyways I finally was able to hang out with him and we had sex, since it was 420 we obviously smoked too. That sex was the roughest I have ever had, and I'm not complaining. it was so hot, he is AMAZING at giving head too so it was just so freaking good. His gf is an upcoming model, her face is pretty but she's like a bone, no meat on her what so ever. It just kind of sucks that he has a gf...I think I'm a home wrecker

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  • Girls please stop feeling sorry or bad in these situations. The boyfriends/husbands who cheat are the real home wreckers !

  • Well if it is really open then you have nothing to worry about, I mean I hate third parties, but if the gf consented it, I know it is stupid but that is their chiice so you are good.

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