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Last year on mothers day, my boyfriend dragged me off to meet his family for the first time, so I didn't even see my mother untill the evening. By then I even already knew I wanted to break up with him (he was really nice before we "officially dated", so I didn't mind his looks because he seemed to be so nice and funny, but as soon as I told him yes, I'll be his girlfriend, he turned into an asshole and later even got abusive. Longest relationship ever - 1 month.) It was an awful day, because all I could think of was how to break up with him without him starting to freak out. This year, I want to spend the whole day with my family. I love my mum and want to make the day really special for her. I already ordered flowers, made a plan of what I'm cooking her for breakfast, got reservations in a restaurant in the town where she went to college, planned some activities according to what she wants to do and what the weather is like and even managed to get my sister here from across the country to spend the day with us. I really, really hope that everything goes well. She had a lot to deal with recently and cared for me so well when I was sick the whole year. I don't know how I'll ever make up for this. But I hope this will be a pretty good start.

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  • You're one sensible girl you loved ones are proud of! I don't know you, but am proud for the action you took!

  • Its an excellent start

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