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I frequently post about racism i suffer here in Prague. Instead the replies i get are simply i am either racist myself or i am imagining it and overreacting. NIether of which is true. However i am understand we now live in a world where people calling others racist is met wiht skepticism, this is partly my fault for not bieng comprehensive enough about the racism i experience. So let me break it down for you on the latest development. I was at the butchers counter at My narodni supermarket. (grocery dept basement down escalaters, tram stop 22, as its department store lots of floors with top floor of cooking utensils, located opposite KB bank, just to show im not lying) I was with my white blonde haired blue eyed italian friend. He is in front of me in line at the butchers counter, asks for a cut of steak and points to the one he wants. Woman serivng smiles and happily gives it to him. Im up next i also ask for a cut of steak and point to the one i want just like my friend. I speak in czech bcause i am in the czech republic and speaking in the local language is simple courtesy and shows you want to integrate and be part of thier culture. What happens next? The racist server ignores the cut of steak i ask for, instead gives me piece fit for a dog that was discouloured and clearly should not been on the rack...out of 5 beautiful clean cuts she choose that one deliberatly. She also had a completley couldnt care less look on her face..no similar firendly smile my friend got. .so what did i do? NOTHING. why? because this is the kind of racism i experience. It was witnessed by MANY czech people behind me and NOT A SNGLE PERSON STEPPED UP TO QUESTION IT OR DEFEND ME. My friend however twigged xaclty what had happend and was at a loss for words. This is normal behaviour so Im use to it and ranting and jumping up and down doesnt get me anywhere. I simply took the meat and dumped it in the pre packaged meat section. My ownderful friend offered me his steak but i refused, why should he suffer? This is what i complain about here on this site. Its not because someone gives me a funny look and i overeact..its because this is what i and my fellow non white friends have to live with on the daily basis. SO please dont patronise me with such BS. I live in Prague because im a student here and beat out 40 applicants in the entrance exam for my place. As anyone knows once you have paid tuition fees you are committted. i will finish my studies here but i will NOT stop posting about RACISM HERE in prague until the world sees this nation for what it truly is.

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  • Perhaps it isn't racism, but the fact that you're a pushover. Of course people are going to give you the shitty cut that they want to get rid of if you look like you're not likely to make an issue of it. You're not likely to make much of a fuss if you try and speak in Czech: you probably cannot argue yet in Czech.

  • Without students like you, Czech is not even on the calendar! They should bless the lord for football players like Cech, keeper of Chelsea, They don't contribute to the world in any way!

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