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I miss my long distance boyfriend so much. We still have texting and phone calls. It's not like he's across the country or the ocean. Just five hours away. That's still a long way, but doable. All I need to do is get my bills caught up, save up money for gas and to go out with him, and go. I don't mind the distance. That will be the longest I've ever driven, but it's still doable. I just hope I can stay with him in his parents house so I don't have to save up for a hotel room too. If I can't, I understand, I'll just need more time to save money. I just want to be with him. I want to cuddle with him, kiss him, hold his hand, go on a real date with him, anything. Maybe one day, after we know each other very well and know we're going to last, maybe I'll move up there.

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  • Darling, are you not placing too much hope on this relationship?

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