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I'm so depressed I just don't know what to do any more I wish it it would all just go away... you know what I mean??

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  • put you brain to work on creative stuff, thats the best way to face depression.

  • I am assuming that you are a teenager. Teenagers always say that they are bored at every second of the day. I used to get simply depressed at even the tiniest issues and after becoming a working adult who gets a decent pay, I feel that the depression we felt while as a teenager were common with all of your age and all those were just bullshit and pointless. My advice is don't let any depression or anyone let you down. If you don't know what is your depression, well there are two ways for that. Either you have to find what your depression is without being a slave to it or just don't care about it. If you can't do any of these, listen to music of any you like. Music actually makes you feel that you are slowing down the time and you get indulged in it. Hope it helped you out. Have a nice day.

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