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I had to delete my text messages before it got too full to receive anymore. But before I did, I screencapped my texts between my boyfriend and me. I didn't want to just lose those special texts. The text he sent me telling me he loved me for the first time, because he was too nervous to say it out loud yet, is in there. It's not like I'm framing them for my wall or anything, and I'll probably end up deleting most if the screencaps anyway. But for now, I just want to keep them. They're a timestamped timeline of our relationship so far. I know the exact date and time I gathered up the courage to text him for the first time and started this. I don't want to lose that yet.

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  • It's not bad to keep the important caps. Moments like the first, "I love you," deserve to be cherished. Don't feel silly for that!

  • U can also send ur chat via mail (at least with Whatsapp)It's faster this way.

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