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2 years ago,a law was approved to make domestic violence,rape etc (general violence towards women) claims more easily judged and with harsher consquences,i live with 3 women in the house and have many girl-friends and of course my girlfriend at the time,so i supported and liked the idea,a lot. but... it wasn't late until the fake claims started to pop up and being revelead... being that there was a much faster judgment and harsh sentences,many innocent guys were sent to jail.. after a few year their relatives were able to prove the claims were fake,but you know what happens to a ''rapist'' in jail right? most of them were dead or already traumatized and were never able to re-enter society again.. now the justice system circled back to ignoring most of the women-violence claims.. i wish they wouldn't have lied so much,because our city would be safer for them,but after all the lies,it's just as a dangerous place for women as always.. apparently some quick revenge over money,cheating etc is worth the safety of all the girls in the country. really sad. i hope i was clear,i don't speak english too well.

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  • I don't know what magical place you are from, but over here accusing a guy of rape involves getting your privates scraped by a stranger for evidence, hours of interrogation, months of nasty looks by people who think you were asking for it and several days in court. In addition, without solid evidence you get nothing. Hell, even with solid evidence your chances of sending someone to jail are low. If you think that this is an easy task to get some quick revenge, I am afraid you are horribly mistaken.

  • It was clear. Although some fake accusing made the authorities to consider stuff, these women should blame each other for this to happen, because they caused themselves by became selfish and thought law is for only in the benefit of women now.

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