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i got a question to all those studyig for exams, i stay in the lib for 10 hours but i actually study for about 4-5hrs. Its not laziness or distraction its just my brain does not absorb more than that and anything extra just doesnt stick in memory. Is it the same for all of you too? or does bieng in the library for 10 hours actually mean around 7-8hrs minimum studying?

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  • I personally find that I can study productively for a couple of hours then I need a break then I can do a couple more, for me 10 hours would be too much. Different times and methods work best for different people; I'm dyslexic so I colour coordinate everything and use flash cards but my friends just use black ink and bullet point things. Find a method that works for you, hope this helped:)

  • Staying or setting a time for studying is not for everyone. I mean a goal is okay. When I was reviewing for nursing licensure exam, I enrolled in a review/refresher class for 2 mos. the class was 8 am to 5pm and it was exhausting (physically and mentally), and at home I still need to study, what I did was, when I was really sleepy, I slept. When I feel like doing nothing for hours, I will do nothing. Because your brain needs to rest somehow. Don't worry, if you feel like nothing is entering your mind anymore, it is normal if you studied that long, anyway the details will still be there. Just relax, have a break.

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