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Spent 3 years in college(went the extra mile to finish early). Most of my major's classes were taught by the same person, the chair of the department. He discouraged internships, saying they were exploitive. He constantly changed the program, ignoring feedback from his students. I stayed because parents and peers constantly told me that only the piece of paper, the degree, was necessary to get a job. No company will hire me. I work a minimum wage, 50+ hour week to keep up with student loan payments. I spend every second that I'm not sitting in this god forsaken truck or trying to sleep working on a personal project because I refuse to die a poor, worthless wretch because of poor advice.

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  • Sorry to hear it. You, like many young folk, were exploited to gain exorbitant loan interest payments. Education is the second biggest money maker in America; the first being Health Insurance companies. Get out of Transportation! It is the number one employer now, but with the invention of self driving cars ... you are heading to Unemployment City.

  • the main professor for my uni program is the kind of professor who doesn't grade students equally and who refuses to listen to any feedback

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