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I hate the fact that women are more protected by the media than men. if a man hits a woman they get time in jail and a news story that says he's a woman beater. a woman hits a man the news will say that he was abusive and she finally got him back... everyone knows that women are more abusive than men just because they know they won't get in as much trouble as men.

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  • I don't think women are more abusive than man, but I strongly believe that women who hit man should be punished as well. We can't assume she hit him because he hit her first! People ridicularize men who are beaten up or abused by women in any way, and that's what's wrong. In the end, no one should hurt anyone. I'm a woman, btw.

  • I think all people have the ability to be equally abusive. No one should be hitting anyone. Ever.

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