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i moved around all my life. I'm a senior in highschool and everyone kudges me for not wanting to go to the graduation ceremoney. When they ask why i just say that there is no point in it, but really i'm too afraid to tell them the truth. All my friends in my life have been come and go; even this school is the eighth school i've been too. I have learned to never get close to anyone because i know the pain of saying goodbye is unbearable. I have never had a bff and have never invited anyone over to my house. In other words, i have never learned to make friends with people. So if you ever meet me later on in life, know that even though i am a awesome guy to meet, i will never be able to truly be your friend. thank you for reading this. It's nice to know that some people might listen to me

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  • Why do you move so much? :/ I moved around a lot because my parents said it was healthier and now I don't even know how to socialize normally.

  • I'm sure you will find someone who you won't lose. Don't give up.

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