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I really love this guy and we were together for three months but it seems like he is not making any effort to make me feel special.. he even forgot our onthsary and did not plan anything on valentines day.. he said that maybe it's just because its his first relationship and he doesn't know what to do (he is a very introvert person).. but lately I started to feel empty and discontented.

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  • Unmarried people don't get anniversaries. Forgetting valentines day is a chump move however

  • Simmer down, it's only been three months. . . I don't even know what an "onthsary" is, but a valentine's day celebration so early into the relationship, have you known each other for years before starting to date? I mean, if you hardly know someone how can you really plan something they'll like for valentine's day? .. And don't give "cues", you're an adult, act like one, talk about things and be frank with him. And try to be more understanding of his situation, if this is his first relationship he can easily be stressed and overwhelmed, try not to be too pushy.

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