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It's my birthday today, and I feel like no one really cares... Maybe that's just how it is when you become an adult, but it's definit not as it was as a kid. All I got from my family was money, and I do appreciate it. I'm happy that I can buy my own, but no one actually bothered to wrap it in other than a convolute, some sent it over the bank, and others just handed the money straight to me. I like when gifts are unexpected and with a lot of thought, but it doesn't seem like a lot of thought was put into it. I probably sound really ungrateful, but I'm not, I'm just a little bit disappointed that no one bothered to put thought into their gift. I'm sure they put they're hearts in it and only want the best, but I really feel forgotten

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  • For my 21st birthday, most people forgot it and I didn't get one present. I put whiskey in my tea and called it a day.

  • True! But for me I got use to it. As much as I want to have something in wrappers/cards/envelopes, I just think that they are maybe really practical, and I also don't want to hoard memorabilias it's a waste of space. I tend to save stuffs given to me when I was a kid/teen, now they are all in boxes which I can't throw because reasons.

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